For your convenience in these tough economic times, we have set up a sliding scale, which enables you to choose the rate that you pay based on your own income and comfort:

Songwriting Lessons (Sliding Scale): $70-$120 per hour

Music Composition Lessons (Sliding Scale): $70-$120 per hour

Music Theory Lessons  (Sliding Scale): $70-$120 per hour


You may choose to change the rate at which you pay (within the scale) at any time, for any lesson.

Each lessons lasts one hour. Because many of our students have busy schedules, we recommend that our students schedule weekly recurring lessons in order to secure a time slot.


Cancelation Policy

If in the event a student needs to cancel a lesson, it may be done within 48 hours notice of the scheduled lesson time with no penalty. If a student cancels a lessons within 48 hours of their scheduled lesson time, or if a student does not come to their scheduled lesson, there is a $60 fee.

We believe that our cancelation policy aids our students in being responsible for their own musical growth, as consistency is one of the key ingredients to success.